Ask Morgan

Ask me whatever you want whenever.

I don’t have an office, and you don’t have time. What if you could text me any time you want? What if we could get on the phone just once a month to really hash out what has been on your mind? The phone call may even be tough to schedule, but you know just as well as I do that we can’t do everything through text.

What are we going to talk about? It’s your call. I’m up for whatever. What I do know is I can help. You can talk to me about:

  • Relationship stuff
  • Life problems
  • Weight issues

I’ll promise you the time if you promise to be honest with me. I can handle anything you bring up in our conversations. Trust in me, no judgment ever! And we will make whatever you have going on a positive thing. Every struggle is a learning experience. It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but it is. I got you.

Time to pick your product.

Month-to-Month at $99/month

Start here and I will send you a signed copy of the Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness. It is full of stories of real people who had real struggles they managed to get through.

***One 1-hour phone call per month

***Unlimited texting with me

3-Month Plan at $249 (just $83/month)

Start here and I know you want to change something in your life, and your committed to making it happen in just 3 months. Some folks see therapists for years! In 3 months you and I can get your life where you want it to be.

Sign up for this plan and I will send you both the Heart to Heart book, as well as Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality.

***One 1-hour phone call per month

***Unlimited texting with me

Make your choice HERE

Month-to-Month at $99



3-Month Plan at $249