Exotic Dance 101

This Exotic Dance online course with Morgan is the beginner's guide to mastering the moves women want to know. This form of dance turns the everyday woman into a seductress, starting with mastering the art of walking in stilettos to hip dips to sexy floor work. By the end of this online course women will be able to take all the moves she learned and create a free-flowing dance routine. This course is a mood booster and confidence builder.

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Benefit 1

The online course is available to you immediately, and you can watch, pause, and re-watch the videos as much as you want.

Benefit 2

You will learn how to dance step-by-step in 9 videos FULL of content. The videos are VALUE focused, from what shoes to wear, how to move, and how to put it all together.

Benefit 3

Taking the online course will leave you feeling courageous, comfortable in your own skin, FREE, feminine, sexy, and confident.

Until We Meet in Person

This workshop is the next best thing to being able to attend one of Morgan's LIVE events.

In the videos you get to learn all the moves, and then rewatch them over and over so you can take notes and practice. At the end of one of my workshops a participant said, "You're so annoying. The way you move. You're so good." It takes practice. I have been practicing since 2006. You will move so smooth too after completing this online course. 

Putting The Moves Together

Watch this video before you decide to click that BUY button. To wrap up this LIVE workshop back in July 2015 all the participants put on a performance. This was mine. This is what I can teach you, and it feels so good.


This is your chance to do something for yourself, by yourself. This course can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


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