Getting Your Sparkle Back

The 6-week online group coaching program that will change your life forever.


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Getting Your Sparkle Back

Finding a group of like-women makes life better. Empowering one another, inspiring one another, and motivating one another.

Over the course of 6-weeks I will share with you exactly what I did to overcome disordered eating, a distorted and critical body image, and depression. I used to look in the mirror criticizing everything and anything about my body. I told my mom once that I felt like a fat tree stump. I starved herself, binged, over exercised, purged, and then gave up, turning to emotional eating. It felt like a self-inflicted prison that would replay itself day after day. Most of the time I walked around wishing I had someone else's life because maybe someone else didn't feel heavy, lost, and empty of all happiness like I did. 

During a visit from my parents a couple years back my mom said, "It's really good to see you Morgan, but you've lost your Sparkle." Something clicked! What was it that I needed to do to get my Sparkle back? I made a list, and then committed myself to sticking with the 6 practices I will share with you in this online coaching program. 

This online coaching program is a safe space for us to talk about the stuff we don't like to talk about or don't have anyone to talk about it with. You will get a pre-recorded video from me each week that will empower you to get your mind right, make some notes, and then each week we will have a live Zoom call so we can connect, share stories, and answer questions. 

It feels like an inescapable cycle sometimes, this not feeling good about yourself. I have felt that way too and what I found was that there really is a formula for breaking free so that you feel light and happy. Confident and invincible. You really will feel so good that other people can see The Sparkle in your eye. 

Body Confidence

Look in the mirror and think, "Yes, I look amazing. I love my body exactly as it is."

Eat Anything

No more diets. Ever.

Freedom From Comparison

Walk into a room feeling grateful and happy rather than comparing yourself to every other woman.

Getting Your Sparkle Back

Connect with like-minded women in a program that will set you free from body image issues, dieting, and comparing yourself to every other woman.


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