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About Morgan

If you want a presenter who is dynamic, funny, passionate, infectious, experienced, and engaging Morgan is your speaker.  

Her sales training style is direct and actionable. She empowers your sales teams to figure out what they can do more of to make more sales. You call it the "It Factor." Morgan calls it The Sparkle Effect. 

Back in 2010 Morgan earned her Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, which is basically relational therapy. She berated herself for years for going to graduate school because she didn't end up following the linear path of becoming a therapist after graduating, but now is grateful for her training. Morgan is a master in connecting and communicating effectively and authentically, which are skills she will empower your sales teams to master as well. 

Since 1996 Morgan has been working in direct sales, requiring exceptional customer service and confidence. All this experience benefits your sales team in a way that not only increases your bottom line, but boosts job satisfaction exponentially. When your people have that Sparkle they are happier at work, more confident in their jobs, and everyone is making more money. 

You can contact Morgan anytime by phone or email. The only time her phone is on DND is when she's sleeping or working out. Cheers!

Phone Number: 715.529.0465

Email Address: [email protected]





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