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When you're confident people listen. They're drawn to you. What is confidence? Confidence is that Sparkle. The Sparkle Effect is what gets you noticed, what makes people feel good being around you, and ultimately makes you more effective at your job and in your life. Morgan has been in the sales and customer service industry since 1996, presented over 50 times in a sales and operations educator role over the course of only a couple years, and her Master's Degree in relational therapy trained her to be a master communicator and connector. As a speaker Morgan empowers people and companies to figure out what is working so they can do more of it, and ditch or delegate what isn't working so they can focus on success.


"Working with Morgan was like having a step-by-step mind partner that helped me create the life I truly wanted and get past my own fears that were holding me back."

Ann Marie K

"Working with Morgan is uplifting."

Sara T

"She pushed me in ways I hadn't been pushed before, but did so gracefully. She gives such a level of care that makes you feel ultimately loved. I can't say that I actually truly loved myself and who I am until I met Morgan."

Sarah F

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