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There is no magic pill. There is no magic wand. You have to just decide you want to change, and then start doing things differently.

The stories in this book will give you the hope, as well as tools to start changing the little things in your life that will add up to BIG results.

Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness is an extraordinary collection of true-life experiences written from the hearts and minds of more than 40 inspiring authors.

Whether you’re facing illness, nursing a broken heart, or battling demons from the past and wish to light the way to a brighter future, this book will illuminate your path and inspire you with the understanding that anything is possible.”

– Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson, Co-Founders of Älska Publishing and creators of the Heart to Heart series

Morgan’s story is on page 199 of the book. She takes you back to the top of the stairs in her childhood home. The day she felt like she would never fit in. The day she gave up on herself. Morgan vividly takes you through her years of depression, emotional eating, suicidal thoughts, and thank God her journey to recovery.

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Random facts about Morgan

Morgan lives in southern Florida after three cross-country moves. You can find her at her favorite beach with a book most weekends. She’s obsessed with peonies and Bulletproof coffee. Since retiring from the entertainment business after almost a decade Morgan continues to teach Exotic Dance to the everyday woman through workshops and online programs. You can find her Ask Morgan videos on YouTube where she is in the process of posting 365 videos in 365 days.